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WHERE is...
WHERE is a platform that allows you to find recurring objects and notice trends and changes based on satellite imagery for the sustainable development of cities or companies.

Satellite data plays a critical role in sustainable city development by providing valuable insights into the current state of a city and its environment. It can be used to monitor urbanization, track land use and cover changes, assess green spaces' health, and much more. With satellite data, cities can make informed decisions that balance economic growth with environmental sustainability.
How WHERE works
Tell us about your project
Tell us about the territory to be analyzed, what objects and trends need to be studied, how often the territory needs to be analyzed, etc.
Our system finds the best
aerial imagery
We will prepare the best offers from our partner imagery providers (SkyWatch, Planet, MAXAR).
We will send you a price quote
You decide which offer is best for you.
AI-algorytms process

Implement your data
Use the data or follow it in the dashboards on our platform.
In our team we have data-scientist, urban designer, sustainable development specialist. Thats why we can help you analyse the data.

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Why do you need WHERE data?
We work hard every day to make our world better
  • Near-real time
    We need less than 10 minutes to analyze satellite imagery
  • Regularity
    There are more than 60,000 satellites flying over our planet, providing images every day, every week, every month...
  • Authentically
    We validate AI models to make them even more reliable
  • Platform to use
    WHERE platform allows to automate the process of data collection, demonstrates the results of the analysis and does not require a large number of people
  • ESG
    Models measured by the ESG objectively assess business performance
  • Independent tool
    Based on data only without KPIs and indicators
    encourage hiding data

Satellite data for the sustainable city development
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Urban planning
Create accurate maps and monitor urban expansion
Green spaces management
Monitor the health and quality of green spaces in cities
Renewable energy
Identify areas suitable for renewable energy installations and monitor their performance
Natural resource management
Track changes in land use and land cover, assess the impact of natural disasters
Climate change
Monitor the effects of climate change on cities and the environment
Transport planning
Use satellite data to plan efficient and sustainable transport systems
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WHERE statement
We believe that the development of territories and companies must be in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and that companies must fully embrace the ESG concept and be not only commercially successful, but also have value to territories, people, ecosystems and the planet.
WHERE will never work with companies that deal in weapons, alcohol or adult products. We will not work with companies that violate human rights, degrade working conditions, use violence, or have internal or external corruption.

The WHERE Team.

Our partners
Aerial imagery partners can provide data daily, weekly, every month every...
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